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Glass Guild

Dive in with a unique opportunity to support your Aquarium!
Join the Glass Guild

Couples examining Pacific Visions glass

The Glass Guild is a group comprised of individuals, corporations, and foundations leaving a positive and lasting impact by supporting the Aquarium of the Pacific.

When you join, your gift will help feed the 12,000 animals that call the Aquarium home, provide engaging educational experiences for learners of all ages, and support conservation research and breeding projects for local endangered species.

There are 839 individual pieces of glass on the Pacific Visions building façade to choose from. The light reflects differently throughout the day and the tempered, bird-friendly glass will glitter when our sunny Long Beach receives rain.

The Aquarium’s façade is a single, biomorphic form that is meant to encourage different interpretations. Inspired by the manner in which the design team used water as an important metaphor in the original design, the building uses visual depth, variability, and luminosity to evoke the spirit of sunlight rippling through water.

The triple-layer laminated glass incorporates a subtle reflective finish at the innermost layer, a blue-tinted middle layer, and acid-etched low-iron glass at the outer layer. Panels cover more than 17,000 square feet of area. The outer surface of the glass is acid-etched to eliminate direct reflection of the trees and sky, which can confuse birds and result in bird strikes. In the evening, downlights are strategically located on 20-foot poles in the plaza and lawn areas to cast light evenly on the undulating glass façade and public paths at the entry plaza.

Support Levels Listed Below. Prices determine location of glass piece:

  • $1,000: West Section
  • $2,500: Entrance Section
  • $3,500: East Section
  • $5,000: North Section

When you decide to join, you will be a part of a special group of people dedicated to supporting their Aquarium. Please note that your name will not be on the glass itself but recognized on the Aquarium app and on a digital donor wall.

How to Donate

Join the Glass Guild

This is an exclusive opportunity to select the glass panel of your choice.

If you prefer to pay by check or donor advised fund* please download and print this pdf and then send your check with Glass Guild in the memo line to:

Attn: Ryan Ashton
Aquarium of the Pacific
320 Golden Shore, Suite 350
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: 562-951-1701

* Note: If you choose this option, a panel of glass will be selected for you from the corresponding section on a first available basis. Once payment is processed, you will receive confirmation of payment and glass panel number/location within two weeks.

For additional information about Pacific Visions and The Glass Guild please contact the Development Department at (562) 951-1701 or

Aquarium of the Pacific is a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution. Federal Tax ID 33-0532354.

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Pacific Visions

Glass Guild Examples

Pacific Visions at Night with Full Moon

Credit: Tom Bonner

Pacific Visions Glass Guild Placement Mockup

There are four different price points and sections from which you can choose from in order to select your perfect glass panel.