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Glass Guild Members

The Glass Guild is a special group of supporters that ceremonially "own" a piece of the unique blue glass that comprises Pacific Visions' exterior.

  • North Section: $5,000
  • Yvonne Bogdanovich and Family
  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Matching Gift
  • Esther S. M. Chui Chao
  • Kelsey, Jessica and Robert Gordon
  • Bert Levy
  • Gary Y. Matsumoto, Ed.D. and Cindy L. Matsumoto
  • Robin and John Renfro
  • Tip and Robin Tippett
  • East Section: $3,500
  • The KC Bertrand Family - Gina, Paul, Nick, Noelle
  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Matching Gift
  • Eddie and Lin Chen
  • Roxanne Langum Davis
  • The Paul J. Duhamel Charitable Fund
  • Mary V. Murfey
  • Jeanne Bear Sleeper
  • Robert and Maureen Watts
  • Entrance Section: $2,500
  • Gina Zanone & Jayne Stabler
  • Howard and Nikki Applebaum
  • The Joann and Stan Benson Family
  • Watson and Sarah Bertrand
  • Cemrock Landscapes
  • Norman and Diane Delaterre
  • In honor of our children and future generations
  • Sandy and Dennis Gates
  • James Ghormley
  • Ed, Evelyn, William and Eleanore Heaney
  • Bob and Val Hoffman
  • David Huff and Virginia Stover
  • Judith L. Jacobus
  • Monica Kaxon-Rupp
  • Nancy and Ronald Koelling
  • Cynthia and David Mirsky
  • Kathie Nirschl
  • Martin Ortiz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Oyama
  • Daniel and Denise Perlstein
  • Derrin Roe + Bertha Cerda
  • Erin Russell
  • William and Diane Salter
  • Lori Sherrill and Karen Conmy
  • Arlo and Marci Sorensen
  • Richard and Barbara Stratton
  • West Section: $1,000
  • Charles and Cindi Alleman
  • Dr. Kim A. Armstrong and Mr. Dana Noble
  • Harry and Christina Bannigan Family
  • Bruce and Michelle Baral
  • Wayne and Ruth Barber
  • Michael and Barbara Benjamin-Rubick
  • Donna Chinn and Gerry Hanley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michele Del Vicario
  • Chris, Juliana, Sasha, Aaron and Sterling Gee
  • Dan and Karen Harvey
  • In Memory of Michael Alan Clevenger
  • Vicki and Mike Kane
  • Hovannes Kechian
  • The Lewis Family
  • John McCarty
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. McKeown
  • Janet, Jesse, Sandy, and Sarah Mentzer
  • David and Jean Merrill
  • Maurice F. Meysenburg
  • Alex and Margie Norman
  • Bill and Beverly O’Neill
  • Alita Rabe
  • Robin J. Riggs
  • The Scharffenberger Family
  • Jeff Spofford
  • Loving Memory of Rosa Diaz Sontag From David, Lynn and Nathan Sontag
  • Michele Sousa
  • Ilse (OMI) Stresemann
  • Gerber Taylor
  • Debbie Thorpe
  • Volunteer Divers
  • Bill Waterhouse and Barbara Long
  • Khelly Webb
  • The Webb Family
  • Eric and Renee Weigand
  • Leslie Wiberg
  • Gary Williams Volunteer Diver
  • Patrice Zamenhof

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