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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Schubel Family Culmination Gallery

After the theater show, visitors enter the Schubel Family Culmination Gallery, which features a massive interactive projection wall, game tables, and animal exhibits. These exhibits help visitors learn more about, explore, and create a sustainable future.

Family at touch table exhibit

Andrew Reitsma/Aquarium of the Pacific

Game tables

Three interactive game tables themed around food, energy, and water allow visitors to play a ten-player game and make various choices to create enough of each resource for California.

Media wall

Along the left side of the room is a 50-foot-long media wall displaying underwater ocean scenes and a stream of bubbles with icons floating from left to right. This projection wall is interactive, so visitors can touch the bubbles to display an ocean fact or sustainable innovation.

Yellowtail schooling

Ken Kurtis/Aquarium of the Pacific

Animal exhibits

Along the right side of the gallery, three animal exhibits illustrate how our production and use of resources affect wildlife.

Delta smelt
The delta smelt is a small 2- to 3-inch-long fish found only in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Added to California’s Endangered Species Act list in 2010, its population is near extinction, with just one fish found in a 2016 survey and zero found in 2018. The Aquarium of the Pacific is the first public aquarium to exhibit delta smelt, highlighting the impact California’s water infrastructure has on wildlife.

Yellowtail, a fish native to California, could be raised in offshore aquaculture farms with a lesser environmental impact than beef or pork.

Pacific Oysters | Olympia Oysters
An exhibit featuring Pacific and Olympia oysters demonstrates how oysters could be farmed off our coast as a way to filter and clean ocean waters and stabilize shorelines.

Population column

The first exhibit visitors encounter in the culmination gallery is a tall column equipped with digital displays of real-time global population data and food, energy, and water consumption. The column also has displays activated by buttons to show population projections into the future. One side looks at the global population, and the other side covers California.

Mechanical exhibits

Test your knowledge of vehicle emissions at The CO2 Lift and various food items at Know Your Food to find out how your choices affect the environment.

Future City Fly-Through

At three screens arrayed along the wall next to the pocket theater by the exit, use touchscreen controls to fly through a virtual city of the future to explore sustainable innovations, like vertical farms and desalination plants.

Pocket Theater

A mini-theater located near the culmination gallery exit plays a short film on a large flatscreen array. The film addresses the levers we can move to make a global change (our choices regarding food, energy, and water), and the fulcrum (the internet and social media, which provide opportunities to form global communities for action).

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