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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Art Gallery

The Pacific Visions experience begins in an art gallery to immerse visitors in a sensory space that sparks curiosity and inspiration.

Pacific Visions Art Gallery with Visitors

Credit: © 2019 Tom Bonner

The opening installation was created by Convivial Studio, a European art and design practice based in Germany, and features elements that give visitors a new perspective of the ocean. These include a series of video projections, Coral World and Plankton World, accompanied by soundscapes, a touchable relief wall with video projections, glass sculptures inspired by plankton, and a collection of mirrored exhibits called Infinity Coral.

Interactive installations and art exhibits will be changed periodically to highlight current ocean topics or feature new work by visiting artists.

Things to See

Kids using Paint a Fish interactive display

Paint a Fish allows guests to digitally color a fish and send it to swim in a virtual coral reef projection. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Fahria Qader

Microscopic closeup of plankton

Credit: Christian and Noé Sardet

Coral and fish swimming

Credit: Howard Hall Productions

Microscopic closeup of plankton

Credit: Christian and Noé Sardet

Infinity coral view with mirrors
Coral and fish swimming

Credit: Howard Hall Productions

Coral World

This projection sequence transports visitors to the vibrant, dynamic environment of a coral reef and features video imagery and coral reef sounds captured by scientists.

Microscopic closeup of plankton

Credit: Christian and Noé Sardet

Plankton World

This projection sequence uses real photos and videos of microscopic plankton. It enlarges these tiny organisms to a massive scale, helping visitors learn more about these often intricate and unseen animals that form the base of the ocean food web.

Coral Relief Wall

Relief Wall

The relief wall comprises five floor-to-ceiling panels installed in a row. These panels are made up of three-dimensional sculptures that replicate coral features and structures and are intended for visitors to touch. Video imagery is projected onto the sculptures to create an experience that is both visual and tactile.

Purple tinted coral diorama with video projection

Infinity Coral

Five Infinity Coral exhibits create the illusion of coral reef habitats stretching as far as the eye can see using mirrors. They illustrate various coral reef environments, including a healthy, thriving reef, an unhealthy, bleached reef, and a reef where only a few “super corals” have survived a bleaching event.

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