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Meet the Pals

Dive in to this entertaining world of talking animals

Pacific Pals characters in a grid

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Axl the axolotl puppet

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Axl is an axolotl, a type of neotenous salamander native to Mexico. Axl is not only the world’s only talking axolotl, but probably the only axolotl who hosts his own show. (And looks mighty dapper while doing it!) His favorite hobbies include spending time with friends, gilling and sipping a larval worm latte on a nice mossy river rock.

Elsie Sweetmitten character

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Elsie Sweetmitten loves to eat! Since otters need to eat up to 20% of their body weight in food every day, you can always find her snacking on something. She never leaves the house without a clam or two…or five. Sometimes she even stuffs food in her furry armpit pockets for safe keeping. Her hobbies include racing other otters up and down the coast, and grooming her dense fur coat.

Captain Quinn

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Captain Hershel Quinn is one seasoned hermit crab! He has traveled the world and grew up scuttling across the great ocean floor. Quinn’s greatest pleasure in life is exploration and sharing what he’s learned with his friends and family. Quinn may appear gruff, but he turns to pudding when he pets his cat Bagels!

Kevin (puppet)

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Kevin is Captain Quinn’s young son who has a thirst for knowledge and the attention span of a…toddler hermit crab. His hobbies include running around without his shell on, making messes and dressing up his cat Bagels. If you have a question about anything, don’t worry! Kevin is probably already asking it right now!

Piper the Seahorse

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Piper the seahorse is super cute and sparkly, but don’t let that fool you, she is also a firecracker and thrill seeker. She isn’t the strongest swimmer (due to being a seahorse) so she has been known to use the ocean currents as a makeshift roller coaster for fun! Piper loves to sing, using her bold and beautiful voice to tell the stories of other animals.

Seymour Shark

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Seymour Shark is a mystery, even to himself… Ok, just kidding. His bio would have gone here, but he ate it!

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