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Meet the Pals

Dive in to this entertaining world of talking animals


Introducing Axl the Axolotl. The heart of the Pals quirky crew, he shines with endless positivity, boundless curiosity, and a daring spirit. Axl is a true MVP among amphibians, always going above and beyond for his friends!


Ahoy, Captain Quinn! From high-sea adventures with his crew, The Crabapples, to anchoring down as a loving dad, this hermit crab has navigated through life’s tides with bravery and determination. Although his stubborn streak might steer him into curmudgeonly waters, his wealth of stories and endless supply of dad jokes make every journey unforgettable.


Say hello to Elsie! The sea otter chef with who never leaves home without a stash of clams in her armpits. Be sure to try one of her signatures sustainable seafood dishes, but watch for that surprise fur garnish!


Meet Seymour- a whirlwind of energy and mischief! Unapologetically himself, he dives hammerheadfirst into everything with unSHARKable confidence. He’s the loud splash of laughter in any room, notorious for his whoopie cushion surprises!


It’s Piper! Born in the heart of a tropical reef, this seahorse’s enchanting melodies have always turned heads. With her vibrant orange & pink hues and a larger-than-life personality, Piper’s spirit shines even brighter than her colors. She may be petite in size but she’s HUGE in personality, she’s truly the ocean’s diva!


It’s Bertrand, the grumpy California Moray Eel! If grumbling were a sport, he’d be an Olympic champ. But don’t be fooled by his grouchy tirades - this seemingly grouchy eel will melt for anything cute and fluffy. But we didn’t tell you that!


Meet Kevin! Quinn’s hermit crab toddler who’s always on the go, fueled by endless “whys” and insatiable curiosity. With eyes that light up at every new discovery and a free spirit that says no to wearing shells, he’s the beach’s little rebel just like his dad.