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New Babies! Exhibit Opens at the Aquarium on May 27, 2022

Meet some adorable new arrivals and learn about the Aquarium’s breeding programs that promote ocean conservation.

Babies! otter key art with blue background

March 18, 2022

Baby sea otter pups. Miniature sea jellies the size of a pea. Tiny baby cuttlefish. Meet these new babies and many more at the Aquarium of the Pacific this summer in the new Babies! exhibit opening on May 27, 2022. Visit exhibits featuring baby animals and learn how we care for them at the Aquarium in the Babies! Gallery inside Pacific Visions on the second floor. The gallery features a jelly lab, where you can see how we grow baby sea jellies and the early stages of their life cycle. Learn about various ocean habitats that function as nurseries for baby animals, including mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds, and see the babies that grow up there.

The Babies! Gallery also features stories about our major achievements, such as being the first to breed zebra sharks via artificial insemination, and significant births, like Shelby the harbor seal’s three pups and our Magellanic penguin chicks. Learn about the special care babies receive at the Aquarium, from hand-feeding baby birds with syringes to staff members staying at the Aquarium twenty-four hours a day with baby sea otters. Plus, find out about our involvement in the Sea Otter Surrogacy program to help return rescued sea otter pups to the wild.

The new exhibits highlight our breeding programs and how they help us minimize our environmental impact and contribute to important ocean conservation efforts. Learn about our breakthroughs in reproduction and how this helps reduce our reliance on collecting wild animals. And find out about the endangered animal babies that live at the Aquarium receiving special care to help rebuild their wild populations.