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Kaya the Seal Pup Moves Into Main Exhibit

Kaya the harbor seal pup chewing on a fish grasped between her front flippers

Kaya the harbor seal pup grasps a fish in her front flippers to chew on it as she floats in her nursery pool. Credit: Robin Riggs

October 12, 2018

Kaya, the harbor seal born at the Aquarium in April, was moved into the main Seals and Sea Lions Habitat in October. Aquarium visitors can now see her swimming and interacting with her fellow pinnipeds from the Seals and Sea Lions Tunnel on the first floor and from the amphitheater seating area that looks down onto the exhibit outdoors. Kaya can be spotted by looking for the smallest animal in the exhibit, and she can be distinguished from the other harbor seals by her bright silver-gray fur with dark spots.

She was born on April 20 in the side holding area adjacent to the exhibit and used it as her nursery to learn to swim and interact with Aquarium staff members before being introduced to her friends and relatives in the main exhibit. Her parents are Shelby and Troy, and Kaya is their third pup born here. Shelby is one of the Aquarium’s original animals and turned twenty-two years old in 2018, the Aquarium’s twentieth anniversary year.

To see photos and videos of Kaya from recent months, search the hashtag #AOPpupdate on Facebook and Instagram.