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Aquatic Academy Spring 2019: Thriving in the Anthropocene, Session 3 - Luke Gardner and Kim Thompson

Agriculture to Aquaculture: The case for shifting more of our protein supply from land to ocean in the Anthropocene

Posted: July 16, 2019

The Spring 2019 Aquatic Academy course focused on thriving in the Anthropocene and how to create a model of that success in California.

We are in the Anthropocene, the geologic epoch within which humans have become for the first time in our 200,000-year history a global force. We are a dominant force not only in changing Earth’s climate, but also the cycling of nutrients, the hydrologic cycle, and a number of ocean processes and phenomena. California is experiencing all of the major impacts and has the opportunity to develop a model of how to thrive in the Anthropocene that could serve not only other states, but also other nations. It would have great environmental and economic benefit to California.

In the third session held on March 20, speakers included Luke Gardner, California Sea Grant aquaculture specialist, and Kim Thompson, program manager, Seafood for the Future at the Aquarium.

Video Posted: July 16, 2019 | Running time: 78:40

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