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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Ocean Science Topics and Resources

High Tide Student Film Festival

High Tide Student Film Festival key word art over a black and white rocky coast with splashing waves

Presented by Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg

Spring 2021

Responsible Seafood

People need to eat, and by the year 2050 our global population is expected to grow by 2 billion people. Responsibly sourced seafood can play an important role in providing access to healthy and nutritious foods that has minimal impacts to the environment and supports communities and economies.


Thriving in a Changing Climate

How can your community adapt to a changing climate? In this category students are challenged to think about what they love about their community, how it is impacted by climate change, and how their community can act together to be more climate resilient.


The Ocean and Me

No matter where you live, the ocean plays a role in our lives, providing resources like food, medicine, oxygen, and even regulating our global climate. The relationships people have with the ocean can be meaningful and varied, for example through cultural heritage, a love of nature, as a source of fun and recreation, or as a livelihood. The health of the ocean is greatly impacted by human actions. What is your connection to the ocean and how might you inspire others to be ocean stewards?


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Robin Riggs

Creative Storytelling and Video