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Ocean Science Topics

High Tide Student Film Festival

High Tide Film Festival key art, Spring 2022. Title against a black and white coastal scene of waves crashing on rocks.

Presented by Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg

Spring 2024

My Favorite Ocean Species

Our ocean, coasts and estuaries are home to diverse living things. There are thousands of different invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, plants, algae and seabirds. Some of these species are abundant and others are endangered or have faced near extinction. In your short film, tell a compelling story of a species that fascinates you.

Ocean Heroes and Superheroes

Some ocean heroes have names you may recognize such as Triton and Aquaman. Others are ordinary people who do extraordinary things that make an impact for our ocean today and for generations to come. They can be an explorer, scientist, educators, conservationist, underwater photographers, divemaster or lifeguard at the beach! They can be a real person, an organization that does important ocean work, or a fictional character that you imagined with superpowers. Tell us a story about your ocean hero. What do they do that makes them a hero to you?

Coastal and Port Cities

Coastal counties are home to 40% of Americans. They drive the economy and are home to a diverse set of features. Some cities have harbors, working waterfronts, and bustline ports. Others attract tourists for their gorgeous surrounding landscapes and marine life. Each has millions of unique stories to tell that make it special – share one of your favorites. How does its coastline help to define the city’s personality and culture?