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You can book a greeting from the Aquarium’s animals for yourself or your loved ones. With every booking you help support the Aquarium’s animal care, education, and conservation programs.

The Aquarium has joined Cameo, a service that allows you to request a customized personal message from some of our most popular Aquarium personalities for a friend or loved one. You can send a custom greeting, shout out, birthday wish, or pep talk.

The nonprofit Aquarium relies heavily on ticket sales and has faced severe economic challenges during the pandemic. Your purchases on Cameo provide much needed support for the Aquarium, our animal care, and other programming. Visit our talent’s pages below to view samples and book your own personalized greetings.

California sea lion Harpo

Robin Riggs

The Pinniped Crew

Our seals and sea lions are ready to make your loved one’s day with a fun customized message.

Book a pinniped Cameo

My request was filled very quickly and i’m sure my fiancé is going to love it! Aquarium of the Pacific might be the best thing that ever happened on Cameo!!

Sea Otters

Bring joy to your loved ones with a message from our adorable sea otters.

Book a sea otter Cameo

Thank you so much! She loved the video and it was incredibly special to see the otters while getting to send a message to a loved one! Perfect and fast delivery, couldn’t ask for more!

Group of penguins against yellow background

Robin Riggs - Aquarium of the Pacific

Magellanic Penguins

Our waddling penguins can put a smile on the faces your loved ones.

Book a penguin Cameo

Thank you so much! The girls loved it ❤️

Lola the Cockatoo

Book a message from the Aquarium of the Pacific’s talented sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Book a Lola Cameo