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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

3rd-5th Grade

Explore some of the ocean's biggest and smallest inhabitants during programs that encourage students to see the ocean in a new way.

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Kid with hat holding sea turtle plush

Aquarium of the Pacific/Andrew Reitsma

List of programs

Discover Earth
Grades 3-12

Take a new look at the water, weather, continents, currents, tsunamis, and hurricanes that make our Earth a dynamic system.

With an Aquarium educator as a guide, your students will explore beautiful visualizations on the Aquarium’s six-foot spherical display called Science on a Sphere. Discover the wonders of our instrumented earth and the information we can use to learn more about our planet.

    • Language Standards Grades 9- 12: 6;
Surprised kids at touch pool

Field Trips to the Aquarium

Reservations & Info • (562) 590-3100, ext. 0

  • Provide opportunities to touch animals including sharks, sea stars, anemones, and more
  • Engage and excite students
  • Inspire awe in the Pacific Ocean and the animals that live there
  • Connect to classroom curriculum
  • Require advanced reservation