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Education and Exhibits

Here at the Aquarium of the Pacific, we believe the best way to educate our visitors about imperative ocean conservation issues is to immerse them in fun. From sleepovers with the fishes and shadowing a marine mammologist to an encounter with the world’s largest animal on our Blue Whale and Sea Life Cruise, there is no shortage of fun and interactive educational activities to create a sense of wonder, awareness, and stewardship here at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Feed your curiosity. Learn more about the ocean, its inhabitants, and what you and your family can do for the oceans by exploring our educational exhibits and programs.

Learn more about child, family, and adult education opportunities at the Aquarium here.

Empower yourself with knowledge by exploring your favorite Aquarium of the Pacific Exhibits:

Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific - We all know that the water we consume in our daily lives ends up in the ocean, but how? Explore our Watersheds Exhibit to learn more about our local watersheds, what we can do to protect them, and tips for sustainable water usage.

Gulf of California - Described by Jacques Cousteau as the world’s aquarium, the Gulf of California is one of the most biologically productive and diverse seas on the planet. Delve into the world of the vaquita and the totoaba fish, two endangered species found only in the Gulf, and learn more about conservation efforts to save this fragile ecosystem.

Whales: Voices In The Sea - Did you know that the beluga is called the canary of the sea? Find out why by exploring our award winning exhibit featuring the sounds of the world’s whales to learn more about these majestic giants and what is being done to protect them.

BP Sea Otter Habitat - Join our southern sea otter, Maggie and her friends here at the Aquarium of the Pacific to learn more about the plight of sea otters in the wild, conservation efforts here at the Aquarium, and how you can help save these playful marine mammals.

Molina Animal Care Center - Ever wonder what happens to our animals when they get sick? Just like us, they see the good doctor. The Molina Animal Care Center provides a LEED® Platinum, state-of-the-art facility where Dr. Lance Adams can give his very important patients the best possible care. Learn more about the exciting and sometimes groundbreaking procedures that keep our animals healthy and happy so they can serve as ambassadors to protect their wild cousins.

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