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Climate Resilient Long Beach

Building a Climate Resilient Long Beach

Resilient Long Beach exhibitor booth

ResilientLB booth with two staff members at an event. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

What is Climate Resilience?

Climate change is happening now. Here in Long Beach we can already see impacts: hotter summers, worsening droughts, and drier winters punctuated by flooding. By building our resilience, we can protect our city from these disruptions. A climate-resilient community functions and flourishes as it prepares for change, allowing it to thrive in the face of changing conditions. We can act today.

Climate Resilience Opportunities

Follow the movement online

Join the Aquarium’s Climate Resilience Team on our mission to build a more resilient Long Beach. Our social media campaign seeks to unify these efforts by serving as a one-stop shop for all things related to Long Beach Resilience. Follow our new @resilientLBaop Twitter to keep up with examples of resilient actions, programs, trainings, and success stories from our community. Tag your own resilience activities by using the #ResilientLB.

Join the conversation

Keep an eye out for the #ResilientLB Outreach Booth at a community event near you. Thanks to support from a Whale Tail Grant, the #ResilientLB booth is touring community events throughout Long Beach. Join in on the conversation with us; we are talking about what we love most about Long Beach and how we can work together to protect it. If you’re interested in including the booth at your event, email us at

Engage with community leaders

Community leaders from a variety of groups across Long Beach are encouraged to attend one of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s quarterly Climate Resilience Workshops. These workshops are designed to give leaders the chance to reflect on how their communities are being impacted by climate change, discuss strategies to help them adapt to climate change, and empower all of us to act.

Community Partnerships

The Aquarium of the Pacific is exploring new community partnerships in resilience, supported by grant funding from the National Science Foundation. Alongside our partners Building Healthy Communities, Long Beach, Khmer Girls in Action, and Friends of Colorado Lagoon, we are taking a deep look at how we can be better neighbors, and support each other in our shared efforts to make Long Beach more resilient and a better place to call home. This project has a sister program hosted by our colleagues at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

Resilience Information and Resources

In his January 2015 State of the City address, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that he wanted to make Long Beach a model of a climate-resilient city. He asked the Aquarium of the Pacific to take a lead in assessing the primary threats that climate change poses to Long Beach, to identify the most vulnerable neighborhoods and segments of the population, and to provide a preliminary assessment of options to reduce those vulnerabilities.

Long Beach can expect four main impacts from climate change: heat, poor air quality, drought, and sea level rise.

For more information, you can follow these links to the Aquarium’s in-depth assessment, along with companion resources developed from the report and climate resilience programs:

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