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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use, release of liability and other conditions related to your visit.

Terms of Use

No refunds or exchanges. Aquarium (AOP)reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy, or eject anyone whose conduct, in AOP’s sole discretion, is deemed disorderly or fails to comply with AOP’s terms and conditions. The commercial use of photos/video taken while at AOP is prohibited without AOP’s written consent. Valid for Aquarium entrance only unless specified on other side. Valid for one year from date of purchase unless specified on other side. Ticket must be presented if there are any questions about this transaction.

Release of Liability

The holder of this ticket, or parent or legal guardian of a minor (“Guest”) on his/her own behalf, and on behalf of his her representatives, heirs, and assigns, agrees to release, waive and covenants not to sue AOP, and it’s parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, shareholders, directors, contractors and agents from all liability to the guest for personal injury, death or property damage/loss, arising out of the use of AOP by guest, whether caused by AOP’s negligence or otherwise.

Guest acknowledges that the use of AOP may involve dangerous recreational activity, which may involve the risk of serious injury, death or property damage/loss, and mindful of that acknowledgement, guest assumes full responsibility, to the exclusion of AOP, for any injury, death or property damage/loss sustained by guest arising out of guest’s use of AOP. Guest agrees this Release is intended to be as broad as permitted by California law, which governs it.


I have read this release and fully understand that I am releasing AOP for all liability for personal injury, death, and property damage/loss sustained by me/guest and that I am doing so in consideration for being able to use AOP.

Additional Terms

AOP reserves the right to post additional terms and conditions on its website. By purchasing a ticket, making a reservation and/or entering the Aquarium of the Pacific, you agree to hold harmless the Aquarium of the Pacific, its staff, Board of Directors, and the City of Long Beach from any resulting injuries, illnesses, or other inherent risks to you and your family, including potential exposure to COVID-19.

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