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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Board of Directors and Senior Staff

Board of Directors

  • Ms. Samantha Attwood
  • Mr. Mark Bertrand
  • Mr. David Cameron
  • Ms. Esther Chui Chao
  • Ms. Kathleen Eckert
  • Mr. Ed Feo, chair
  • Mr. Bob Foster
  • Mrs. Charlotte Ginsburg
  • Ms. Jennifer Hagle, board secretary
  • Mr. Russell T. Hill
  • Mr. Dan Hopper
  • Mr. Josh Jones
  • Dr. Peter Kareiva
  • Mr. Samuel King
  • Ms. Stephanie Leshney
  • Mr. Art Levitt
  • Ms. Chanwantha Sam Limon
  • Mr. Henry Matson
  • Mr. John Molina
  • Mr. Stephen Olson
  • Mr. Douglas Otto, vice chairman
  • Mr. Mark Paullin
  • Mr. Karl Pettijohn
  • Mr. Kurt Schulzman
  • Mr. Michael Sondermann
  • Mr. Donald Tippett
  • Mr. Thomas Turney
  • Dr. Stephanie Wear
  • Mr. Stephen Young

Board Executive Officers

  • Dr. Peter Kareiva, president and CEO
  • Mr. Troy Grande, CFO and COO
  • Ms. Cecile Fisher, vice president, marketing & communications and corporate secretary

Senior Staff

  • Ryan Ashton, vice president of development
  • Jennie Dean, vice president of education and conservation
  • Kathie Nirschl, vice president of human resources
  • John Rouse, chief of aquarium operations

President Emeritus

  • Dr. Jerry R. Schubel

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