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College Internships

Internships at the Aquarium of the Pacific are structured for college students and recent graduates who are interested in playing a direct role in ensuring our oceans are vital and healthy for generations to come.

Our internships are typically offered in the fall, spring and summer and we accept applications year round. All applicants should be organized, self motivated, and have excellent people skills. All internship positions are on a voluntary basis only; we do not offer paid intern positions. Housing and transportation are the responsibility of the candidate.

Spring term:
Application Deadline: November 13
Proposed Intern period: January-April

Summer term:
Application Deadline: March 11
Proposed Intern period: May-August

Fall term:
Application Deadline: July 15
Proposed Intern period: September-December

College Internships

Aquarist Internship

The Aquarium of the Pacific has Aquarist Internship opportunities for the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. These interns will be trained to provide daily husbandry for a diverse collection of marine fishes and invertebrates. Through one-on-one training and hands-on exercises, our interns will become competent in the care and maintenance of each of our exhibits within their assigned gallery.

Audio Visual Internship

The A/V Intern is responsible for audio and visual needs of the Aquarium. In addition to the required experience, the successful candidate will have outstanding interpersonal skills, and be able to function successfully when given independent assignments, and collaboratively in a team environment.

Aviculture Internship

The Aquarium of the Pacific has internship opportunities in the aviculture department for the summer term, starting in May and ending in August.

Development Internship

Provide administrative support for the Aquarium’s development department to maximize effective cultivation, stewardship, and revenue generating activities.

Dive Safety Internship

The Aquarium of the Pacific has Dive Safety internship opportunities year round. These interns will be trained to provide daily support to the staff and volunteer divers above and below the water.

Education Internship

Experience is a great teacher! Our internship program provides college-level students the opportunity to become part of an aquatic education team and learn by doing. Students will work side by side with Aquarium professionals gaining knowledge through hands-on experience.

Green Sustainability Internship

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s Special Projects team is offering an internship undergraduate or graduate student interested in gaining practical experience in analyzing an organization’s environmental footprint and then creating plans to reduce impacts, including public outreach. This internship will present students with the opportunity to work on sustainability plans, participating in a variety of activities that support both the organization and their own individual development in the sustainability profession.

Mammalogist Internship

The purpose of the Mammalogist intern position is to give students practical experience in the care and maintenance of marine mammals and their environments. Mammalogist interns will learn the importance of proper husbandry techniques and the responsibilities associated with keeping marine mammals in captive environments. They will utilize basic aquarium principles.

Marine Mammal Photo ID Internship

This intern will be responsible for assisting the Boats Coordinator on photo IDing blue whales, fin whales, and humpback whales during our daily whale watching cruises, as well as interpreting data to guests at the Aquarium.

Program Animals Internship

The Program animal Internship plays an important role in the Aquariums mission to educate the public about conservation and respect for not only animals that live in the ocean but land animals as well.

Veterinary Assistant Internship

Veterinary Externship/Preceptorship Program

Volunteer Services Internship: Teen Programs

The purpose of the Volunteer Services/ Teen programs internship is to give students experience in managing teen programs and volunteer programs in a non-profit organization such as the Aquarium of the Pacific.