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Ideas and Resources

Lesson Plans, Chaperone Field Trip Guides and more!

We all know the challenges of coordinating a successful field trip experience. There’s the paperwork, the bus, the chaperones, the lunches and managing the students on-site. Maybe we can help!

We can help you make the most of your student’s time at the Aquarium. Through helpful hints and activities your students will be more engaged and more likely to connect the field trip experience with your curriculum back in the classroom.

Have a great idea of your own? We’d love for you to share your success stories with us! Let us help to connect you to the thousands of teachers that come on field trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Connect with Science on a Sphere Network
The Aquarium is proud to share its SOS programming with the network of museums and science centers able to use this technology. Teachers are also invited to use these films, lesson plans, datasets, and other resources available on the SOS Network website, including the Urban Ocean Film, funded by The Miller Foundation.