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There is much to discover in this colorful paradise

Tropical Pacific Gallery

Featuring Over a Thousand Colorful Fish

Tropical Pacific Gallery
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle  | Andrew Reitsma | Aquarium of the Pacific

The warm, 80-degree waters of Micronesia contain an astounding 2,100 islands. Palau, the westernmost section of the Micronesian islands, runs north to south, covering approximately 125 miles.

Considered by many to be among the most beautiful in the world, Palau’s waters contain an incredible diversity of coral, fish, and other colorful marine life. The 16 exhibits in the Aquarium’s Tropical Pacific Gallery represent the beautiful marine life you would find off the coast of Palau.

The Tropical Reef Habitat, which can be viewed from three locations in the gallery, is the Aquarium’s largest exhibit. Holding 350,000 gallons of water, this exhibit features over a thousand colorful fish and beautiful coral, including sea turtles, zebra and blacktip reef sharks, porcupine puffers, and a large blue Napoleon or humphead wrasse.

The Tropical Pacific Gallery also features our seahorses and sea dragons. True to their descriptive names, both the leafy and weedy sea dragons have an almost surreal appearance characterized by unusual appendages that allow them to deftly camouflage themselves in seaweed. The Aquarium made husbandry history by being the first Aquarium in the world to successfully breed weedy sea dragon babies.

The Tropical Pacific Gallery also displays venomous creatures, groupers, clownfish, and the only exhibit with live coral in the Aquarium. There is much to discover in this colorful paradise, such as daily dive and feeding presentations and opportunities to learn about the many species of fish that are able to change genders and others with remarkable camouflage and defense capabilities.

Tropical Pacific Gallery

Webcam: Weedy Sea Dragons

Webcam: Weedy Sea Dragons buttonLink

The weedy sea dragon exhibit is located in the Aquarium’s Tropical Pacific gallery.

Weedy sea dragons in the wild are found only in Australian coastal waters. They are bony fish related to seahorses, pipefish, and seamoths. The Aquarium of the Pacific was the first in the world to successfully breed weedy sea dragons.

Webcam: Tropical Reef

Webcam: Tropical Reef buttonLink

The Tropical Reef Habitat is the Aquarium's largest exhibit, containing 350,000 gallons of water and over 1,000 animals from the tiny cleaner wrasse to the zebra shark.

This exhibit represents the famous Blue Corner off the coast of Palau. This area, lush and abundant with life, is considered one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.

Webcam: Anthias and Wrasse Exhibit

Webcam: Anthias and Wrasse Exhibit buttonLink

Tropical Pacific Gallery

This colorful exhibit features anthias and wrasses, fish with very interesting life histories.