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Aquarium Interactives

Delve into marine life and ocean science topics with these interactive web exhibits.

Aquarium Interactives

Urban Observatory

Urban Observatory buttonLink

Compare cool facts and live data about multiple cities anywhere, anytime

We’re working with Esri to share The Urban Observatory; a new interactive that explores data from cities around the world. Come see our exhibit or play on your own.

Story Maps

Story Maps buttonLink

Connecting Aquarium Guests to Global Stories

Southern California Whale Research Project

Southern California Whale Research Project buttonLink

Connecting People, Science, and Whales

This web app is meant to be used as a tool to examine this data and answer scientific questions about the behaviors and locations of the blue whales.

Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise buttonLink

See Potential Flood Zones Along the Coast of California

Use this interactive map to find areas currently at risk of flooding, areas that could be at risk in the future, and use overlays to find schools, police and fire stations, wastewater treatment plants and other facilities located within the flood zone.

Ocean in Motion

Ocean in Motion buttonLink

Explore this interactive to find out more about our ocean

View images, video, and datasets that are featured in our Science on a Sphere® film Ocean in Motion. Learn more about the world’s fisheries, dead zones in the ocean, ocean currents and ecosystems, and more, as well as what we can do to preserve the ocean as a home for marine life and a source of seafood.

Animal Care Behind-the-Scenes Interactive

Animal Care Behind-the-Scenes Interactive buttonLink

Featuring stories of medical successes.

Watch the story of Aquarium Veterinarian Dr. Lance Adams’ groundbreaking operation to repair the bill of the sawfish.

Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game

Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game buttonLink

Beat the clock to answer true/false and multiple choice questions.

Learn more about sea otters and test your knowledge in the Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game! Meet field biologist Tim Tinker, who will guide you through the challenge. Watch video clips and beat the clock to answer true or false and multiple choice questions about sea otters!

Whales: Voices in the Sea

Whales: Voices in the Sea buttonLink

Explore the sound-based world of whales

Discover the sounds of humpback, sperm, gray, blue, beaked, and Northern right whales in this online version of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s exhibit Whales: Voices in the Sea. Listen to each whale call, watch videos on the whales, learn about conservation issues, and see interviews with scientists.

Build a Fish

Build a Fish buttonLink

Build your own fish and learn about marine life and the ocean.

Build your own fish and learn about marine life and the ocean.