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Career Connections

These videos and supporting teacher material introduce students to STEM professionals, possible career options, current science being conducted, and the multi-disciplinary skills necessary to be successful in these careers.

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s produced Career Connection Series and teacher materials are hosted on PBS LearningMedia. Teacher Materials include program outlines, discussion questions, activities, and on-line resources which are designed to support each video.

Career Connections


Aquarist Career Series

Grades 6th-12th

Investigate a career as an Aquarist. Angelina shares a behind-the-scenes look into a typical day caring for a diversity of fish and invertebrates, and the skills necessary to build and maintain exhibits that mimic natural ocean habitats.


Whale Naturalist Career Series

Grades 6th-12th

Learn from Kera what it’s like to work aboard a boat as a Whale Naturalist. Students will investigate a typical day, career paths, and opportunities to gain experience. This series will also introduce whale diversity and highlight current conservation efforts.


Plankton Scientist Career Series

Grades 6th-12th

Meet Cathy and discover what it’s like to live aboard an oceanographic vessel to study plankton while traveling through the Indian Ocean. Through this series, students will have a better understanding of the multi-disciplinary skills necessary to be successful as a scientist.


Veterinary Technician Career Series

Grades 6th-12th

From salamanders to sea lions, Julianne shares what it’s like to care for a diversity of land and aquatic animals in her career as a veterinary technician. Students will learn about the common tools and multidisciplinary skills she uses everyday.

Woman in a lab coat sits in a lab

Water Quality Manager Career Series

Grades 6th-12th

Find out what it’s like to work as a chemist at an aquarium. Karen will take students through her laboratory work with specialized equipment and tests to help maintain the water quality at the Aquarium of the Pacific.