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Perfect for corporate events or team-building meetings


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Evening events on the Veranda

Fresh, Simple, Modern Fun at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Enjoy unlimited access to more than 11,000 animals, shows, and interactive exhibits. Delicious buffet-style picnic lunches also include greetings from a costumed Aquarium character. Choose one of our picnic locations to best fit your needs:

Veranda – Stunning views of Rainbow Harbor | 4 lounge sectionals with coffee tables | 15 tables of 4 | built-in illuminated bar | capacity 100 -125

Veranda Image

Plaza Fountain – Views of Rainbow Harbor from around the fountain | white picket privacy fence | easy access to main doors | from 150 to 350 guests

Plaza Fountain Image

Shoreline Aquatic Park – Water views | Green belt | Old-growth trees | Reserved parking | Boardwalk access | from 250

Shoreline Park Image

For more information, call our special events department at (562) 951-1663.