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3 Expert Tips for Selecting Sustainable Seafood

Rockfish Seafood for the Future
Rockfish Seafood for the Future

Seafood for the Future

October 1, 2015

In celebration of National Seafood Month, the Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program, Seafood for the Future (SFF), is asking consumers to become part of the solution to ensure that we have access to healthy seafood from environmentally responsible sources. A balanced supply of seafood from well-managed wild-capture fisheries and environmentally responsible aquaculture sources is essential for the health of the fish, our planet, and people.

Here are some general guidelines provided by SFF:

  1. Buy U.S. seafood! U.S. seafood is among the best-managed in the world. Buying local supports environmentally responsible harvesting and farming practices and local coastal communities. It also reduces the risk of seafood fraud, as it is much easier to trace local seafood products.

  2. Look for certified seafood products. Can’t find a U.S. product to meet your needs? Look for certifications like the Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Best Aquaculture Practices. These certifications are meant to make responsible purchasing easier, but keep in mind that they do not cover all seafood. Just because something isn’t certified, it doesn’t mean it is not a responsible seafood choice.

  3. Support businesses working with seafood advisory programs like Seafood for the Future. There are many businesses and restaurants working with Seafood for the Future and programs like it to improve the seafood supply chain on multiple levels.

Go to seafoodforthefuture.org for a complete list of program partners and more information on responsible seafood choices.