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American alligator


October 15, 2019

Meet Conservation Ambassadors at the Aquarium on October 19 and 20

Animals including an alligator, kangaroo, porcupine, and beaver will participate in shows and meet-and-greets throughout the weekend.

The Aquarium will host special guest animals from wildlife rescue and outreach organization Conservation Ambassadors with meet-and-greet opportunities and shows.

Lola the cockatoo


July 9, 2019

Meet Our Animal Ambassadors at Pacific Visions

See these animals up close, take photos, and get a chance to learn about the conservation of these species

Visitors can see animal ambassadors up close in four sessions held daily between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Epaulette Shark


May 15, 2019

Aquarium Partners with CSULB to Study Shark Adaptations

Kevin Travis, a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach, is studying epaulette sharks from the Aquarium

Investigating how some sharks are specially adapted to be able to “walk” on their pectoral fins to move between aquatic and land environments.

Charlie the sea otter is seen from the shoulders up facing to the left with his muzzle and whiskers reflecting light


April 22, 2019

Aquarium Mourns the Loss of Charlie the Sea Otter

The Aquarium of the Pacific is mourning the loss of Charlie the southern sea otter, who passed away on Monday, April 22.

Charlie passed away on Monday, April 22, at the age of twenty-two. He was oldest southern sea otter living at a zoo or aquarium.

Charlie the sea otter rests on an ice pile and touches his nose to a frozen birthday cupcake treat in the Aquarium's sea otter exhibit


March 2, 2019

Charlie the Southern Sea Otter Turns 22

Charlie, one of the Aquarium’s original charter animals, turned twenty-two on March 2 and is now the second southern sea otter on record to ever reach that age.

Charlie is the oldest southern sea otter living at any aquarium or zoo. He is the second sea otter on record to ever reach twenty-two.

Close-up portrait of Brook the sea otter looking into the camera


January 30, 2019

Aquarium Pays Tribute to Brook the Sea Otter

Aquarium Update

Brook passed away on January 29 after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month by the Aquarium’s veterinary team. She was nearly 22 years old.

Kaya the harbor seal pup chewing on a fish grasped between her front flippers


October 12, 2018

Kaya the Seal Pup Moves Into Main Exhibit

Kaya, the harbor seal born at the Aquarium in April, was moved into the main Seals and Sea Lions Habitat in October.

Headshot of Chase the sea lion against white background


October 3, 2018

Chase the Sea Lion Makes His Debut

The Aquarium has welcomed a new four-year-old male sea lion, Chase, to the Seals and Sea Lions Habitat.

Eagle ray swims in Tropical Reef exhibit view of underside mouth and eye visible


October 2, 2018

Two New Eagle Rays Added to Tropical Reef

Two eagle rays, one female and one male, are now on exhibit in the Tropical Reef. They can be identified by their protruding, tapered snout and dark brown back with white spots.

Tufted puffin chick 13 days old with black downy plumage sitting on green mat


September 14, 2018

Original Aquarium Puffins Become Parents

Val and Speedy, two tufted puffins that have lived at the Aquarium since it opened in 1998, successfully hatched a chick in late summer.

2018 penguin chicks in front of a white background, view from neck up


September 13, 2018

Penguin Exhibit Adds Three Chicks Hatched in May

Three Magellanic penguin chicks, two female and one male, hatched at the Aquarium in May and are now on view.

Scalloped hammerhead shark swims past viewing window of holding aquarium


August 29, 2018

Meet the Aquarium’s New Hammerhead Shark

This scalloped hammerhead shark is currently on public view at the Molina Animal Care Center.

Black-necked stilt chick looks over its shoulder


August 24, 2018

Baby Black-Necked Stilt Chicks Now on View

Gigi and George, the Aquarium’s breeding pair of black-necked stilts, have become parents for the second time.

profile portrait of Cain the sea lion


February 6, 2018

Meet Cain, the Aquarium’s New Sea Lion

A four-year-old male sea lion named Cain moved into the Seals and Sea Lions Habitat at the Aquarium on February 8.

2017 penguin chick


August 8, 2017

Baby Penguin Goes on Public View

The Aquarium’s baby Magellanic Penguin that hatched earlier this year will join the rest of the penguins in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat. It will be on exhibit starting August 8.

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