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Lecture Archive: Rebecca Tarvin

Why Don’t Frogs Poison Themselves?

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Posted: September 19, 2017

Why Don’t Frogs Poison Themselves?

Lecture date: October 12, 2017. Rebecca Tarvin discusses how animals like poison dart frogs evolve genetic resistance to toxins and how this can affect whether they become toxic. From bacteria to mammals, many organisms have evolved toxic defenses to ward off potential predators. Poison dart frogs are well known for their showy coloration, and they have just as many toxins as they do unique color patters. Tarvin is a Ph.D. student in the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior program at the University of Texas at Austin. She has studied frogs in Ecuador and Colombia and studies in the evolution of toxicity in poison frogs.

Video Posted: September 19, 2017 | Running time: 43:14

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