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Ways to Give


Educating the public about science and marine conservation is one of the Aquarium’s main priorities.

Over 200,000 students annually participate in our educational programs and the number continues to grow. In order to ensure all students are exposed to our high-quality programming the Aquarium has a scholarship fund designed to sponsor the visits of students from schools that do not have the financial resources to attend or pay for transportation.

Ocean Science Education Program

The Ocean Science Education Program supports the entire K-12 program at the Aquarium, including more than 40 classroom and auditorium programs. Aquarium lessons are based on California science standards and serve more than 200,000 students and teachers annually. For classes that cannot attend, the Aquarium on Wheels, our mobile outreach unit, is a viable option as it is equipped with a touch pool and lessons are presented off-site.

Aquarium Scholarship Fund

The Aquarium Scholarship Fund was created to address the needs of Title I schools that are not financially equipped to visit the Aquarium. Regardless of proximity of the Pacific Ocean many students have never actually seen it or experienced any type of marine education. In response to this inequity, the Aquarium is delighted to sponsor classes that could otherwise not afford to visit. To ensure the Scholarship Fund remains a sustainable program the Aquarium depends heavily upon contributions from corporations and foundations that share the common goal of promoting science education among low income, under-served communities.