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Auditorium Programs

Aquarium on Wheels auditorium programs can serve up to 150 students per program in an assembly style format. All programs include tidepool animal interaction time.

Program Information
Availability Tuesday - Saturday
Cost $825 per program ($50 discount if you book two programs). Up to two (2) programs per day.
Length 60 minute program plus touch time for participants.
Capacity 150 participants maximum per program.
Accessibility Aquarium on Wheels vehicle is wheelchair accessible.

Pre and Post Materials

To prepare your students for Aquarium on Wheels, we have compiled pre and post materials to enrich their knowledge of ocean life and challenge what they learned during our visit.

Auditorium Program Descriptions

Pacific Journeys
Grades K-8 | 20-150 students
Travel the globe with an Aquarium educator to earn your passport to the Pacific! Aquarium on Wheels invites your students to participate in an interactive presentation to learn about ocean inhabitants and their unique adaptations for survival in a watery world. Each educator-led program will be followed by a hands-on opportunity to touch local marine life.
SCIENCE STANDARDS: K: 1a;2a-c; 4a-e. 1st: 2a-d. 2nd: 2d; 4a. 3rd: 3a-c, e. 4th: 2a, b; 3a-c. 5th: 2a, c; 3a, d. 6th: 5a-e. 7th: 5a, c. 8th: 8d.
Under the Sea Shapes
Pre-K-K | 20-150 students
The ocean is full of incredible animals and vibrant colors! In this interactive educator and video led program, children will match ocean animals to their shapes and learn to find shapes that are hiding in sharks, sea anemones and many more ocean creatures! Discover the animals that live both above and below the water’s surface by participating in this exciting program designed especially for preschool and daycare groups.
SCIENCE STANDARDS: K: 1a; 2a, c; 4a, b, d, e.