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For Teachers, Parents, and Students!

The Aquarium of the Pacific welcomes homeschool families to use the Aquarium as a teaching tools.

We are excited to offer these events exclusively for homeschool families:

Homeschool Events

Homeschool Days

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The Aquarium of the Pacific would like to invite homeschool networks, students, parents, and teachers to our Homeschool Days

During these special events, no classroom-based school trips will be booked. This allows our educators to bring ocean related activities and biofacts to homeschool families throughout the morning. These engaging learning stations will allow students of all ages to experiment, investigate, and explore marine habitats and concepts.

Homeschool Holiday

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Join us for Homeschool Holiday! We are opening our doors to homeschool families, networks, students, parents, and teachers.

Welcome to our winter themed exploration exclusively for homeschool families. Our educators will bring cold water, ice, and snow to students through engaging learning stations for students of all ages.

Homeschool Field Trip Details

Can't make the homeschool events? Book a field trip, and receive the same group rate. Advanced reservations are required. See restrictions below:

Group Admission
(10 person minimum)

Sessions Cost
Fall and Summer Seasons $6.00 per participant
Spring Season (February 1 –May 31), $7.50 per participant

Classroom and Theater Programs
(Includes Aquarium Admission, 20 person minimum)

Sessions Cost
Fall and Summer Seasons $9.00 per participant
Spring Season (February 1 –May 31) $10.50 per participant

All school programs are led by an Aquarium educator and take place in the Boeing Learning Center, the watershed classroom, or the Ocean Theater.

Suggested Classroom Programs

The Story of Splashy
Ages: 5-8 years old (grades K-3)
Watch out! The ocean is full of hungry creatures, including Snaggletooth, the hungriest of them all. Help our imaginary friend Splashy protect herself from Snaggletooth by changing her shape, size and color and giving her all sorts of special adaptations. Meet real ocean animals that use the same adaptations you give Splashy in this interactive program.
Ages: 8-12 years old (grades 3-7)
The oceans are full of unexpected predators. Learn the variety of strategies these animals use to catch their prey. Take a close look at shark jaws to learn more about how animals’ jaws are specially suited for their prey. This class is a great way for multi-aged groups of children to learn more about the predators of the ocean.
A Look Inside: Squid or Fish Dissection
Ages: 11+ years old (grades 6-12)
How does a squid swim? How does a fish breathe underwater? The answers to these and more questions can be found with a closer look inside. Choose from a squid or fish and make your first incision into the amazing world of aquatic anatomy. Your students will discover the ins and outs to these interesting animals in this hands-on dissection.