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Whales Are Still Here!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

James S.

Blue whale fluking - popup
Blue whale fluking Matt West, Harbor Breeze Cruises

We’ve had a fun couple of weeks for September, we’ve seen lots of dolphins, another hammerhead, minke whales, mola molas, a humpback, another blue whale, and the rare brown booby bird! Yes their name is kind of goofy, but these are a beautiful group of birds.

We haven’t seen many blue whales this year, they are feeding a little north or south of us, some even on the outside edge of Catalina island. But Capt. Eric from Harbor Breeze was able to find one feeding near Point Vicente and Palos Verdes recently. This whale had great surface activity and an active fluker for our guests. We’re so happy to get to see another of this magnificent species diving in our local waters. During the fall the blue whales will be migrating south towards Mexico and Costa Rica to their breeding and birthing areas in warmer tropical waters. Pretty soon we’ll also start to see our other famous migrating visitor, the gray whales!

The brown booby is an uncommon bird for us to see. Lots of wildlife and nature enthusiasts get very excited to see these animals in our local region. Even though this bird can be found worldwide in tropical regions, there are permanent residents in the Gulf of California and can be found in their migration pattern along our west coast. The entire group of boobies and gannets are diving feeders. They will fly above their prey and then swoop down in to the water to grab their food. They are not like other diving birds that will dive to some pretty impressive depths for food; they are staying closer the surface. Their diet consists of mostly fish, with some squid and shrimp as well. These birds are also ground nest builders and will build these nests on rocky or sandy islands.

Check out all the amazing pictures Harbor Breeze staff have taken over the past couple weeks. We won’t have our next intern group starting until next week. If you haven’t been on the whale watch yet, come on down to Long Beach and get your combo tickets. Whale watches board every day at 12 and 3:30pm until the seasonal change in October when we go back to 12 and 3pm.

See you on the water!