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Ollie The Otter Tries To Hide A Toy Ball

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Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 49

The sea otters at the Aquarium of the Pacific, as part of their enrichment, are given toys to play with during the day. They are also taught to retrieve these toys so that they can be put away at the end of the day. Well, one day one otter was having too much fun with her toy.

The otters are good at recognizing individual people. Case in point was one morning a couple of Saturdays ago Ollie the sea otter was playing with a ball on the deck of the exhibit. She wasn’t concerned about the people going by the viewing glass until I walked by and noticed her playing. Ollie and I have known each other since she was first brought to the aquarium as an orphan pup. I was one of the folks that helped raise her. Well, when she recognized me and she must have thought that I was going to have her put her toy away. She proceeded to try her best to hide the ball.

The whole episode sort of play out like this: Ollie the sea otter sees me looking at her and her toy ball. “It’s my toy ball!” Tries to hide it in her armpit pouch. “Nothing to see here. Move along.” Realizes it doesn’t fit. “Darn he can still see it.” Goes armadillo on me to hide her toy. “It’s mine!” Finally decides to leave the front of the exhibit and takes the ball with her.

I love that crazy otter and her antics. Check out the video to watch this whole episode play out.