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Conservation Status:  Safe for Now - Protected

Land & Aquatic SpeciesSnowy Egret

Egretta thula Birds

Snowy egret | Robin Riggs
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Robin Riggs

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At the Aquarium

This species is commonly seen foraging in waters near the Aquarium. The Aquarium’s snowy egret Merlin lives in Shorebird Sanctuary outdoors on the second floor.

Geographic Distribution

US range: throughout the continental United States from northern California to Maine, and south to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.


These birds are omnivores. Their main diet consists of worms, aquatic and terrestrial insects, small lizards, fiddler crabs, shrimps, crayfish, crustaceans, snails, vegetation, and fishes.


Estimated life span is 2 to 16 years. They have lived to over 16 years in protected environments.