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Blackwater Diving: Exploring the Night Sea

Mike Bartick

Mike Bartick with equipment

Mike Bartick is an avid diver and photographer whose work concentrates on the macro fauna of the Verde Island Pass located near Anilao, Philippines. In this lecture Bartick will share photos and stories from his experiences exploring the ocean at night, including images of gelatinous sea jellies, sea snails, squid, and paper nautiluses—some of the ocean’s ancient animals. Drifting on the night current in the open ocean with nothing more than a lit buoy line, he explores the night sea to photograph the unique and often unseen animal life that resides there. Bartick is a field guide who conducts photo safaris, lectures, and seminars. His photos have been published in Sport Diver, Diver Life, and other publications.

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When Mon, June 18, 2018 00:00:00 Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018 | 7:00 PM–8:30 PM
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