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Education Fund Report

As the second-most-attended cultural institution in the Los Angeles region and the fourth-most-attended aquarium in the United States, the Aquarium continues play a vital role in science education and conservation efforts around the world.

Of the 1.5 million people who visited in 2008, more than 206,000 experienced some kind of additional educational programming beyond simply touring the Aquarium. Whether it was a class attended by a student, an informational lecture by an adult, or a teacher who was trained and provided with educational tools to share with their classroom, all of these experiences contributed to the greater understanding of the world ocean and the environment around us, and make the Aquarium a valuable resource and partner to the greater educational community. Including our offsite programs, over 243,000 students, educators and community members were served by the Aquarium’s education department in 2008. The following report is an overview of the educational experiences from which these attendees benefited.

Aquarium of the Pacific 2011 Education Fund Report