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Today's Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Orientation Gallery

Visitors gather in the orientation gallery to view a short film and interact with a virtual waterfall.

Orientation Gallery with Visitors

This dynamic gallery provides an introduction to the Pacific Visions theater experience. © 2019 Tom Bonner

Virtual Waterfall with logo

© 2019 Tom Bonner


As visitors enter the orientation gallery, they encounter a projected virtual waterfall flowing down one wall and onto the floor, inviting visitors to interact with it. The floor projection reacts as people move through it, creating splashes and ripples in the water, with small fish that scatter with every step.

Pre-Show Film

On the central wall between the two theater entrance doors, a show plays that introduces visitors to the Pacific Visions theater experience. Stunning imagery of wildlife, nature, and people show the beauty of our planet and its history. Images and inspiring quotes reveal our changing relationship with nature. The show is played on a 26-foot-wide by-9-foot-tall LED video wall.