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Lecture Archive: Tsunami Science and Preparedness

Panel Discussion

Lecture date: March 8, 2018. Panelists discuss what areas of Southern California are at risk for a tsunami, what individuals and business owners can do to prepare, and the science behind tsunamis.

Lecture Archive: A.G. Kawamura

Envisioning an Agricultural Renaissance: Resilient Food Systems

Lecture date: March 6, 2018. A.G. Kawamura discusses global food systems and how to improve their resilience in the face of a changing climate and other threats to food security.

Lecture Archive: Peter Moyle

Reconciling California’s Delta: Water for Fish and People

Lecture date: February 27, 2018. Peter Moyle discusses California's scarce water resources and how this create conflicts between people and wildlife.

Lecture Archive: Katelyn Sullivan

Deep-Sea Exploration Aboard the Nautilus

Lecture date: February 13, 2018. Katelyn Sullivan discusses her experience working alongside Dr. Peter Girguis of Harvard University in a mission to study a methane seep habitat located off of Point Dume, California.

Lecture Archive: Dr. William Cooper

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water

Lecture date: February 12, 2018. Dr. William Cooper discusses California's water supply and the legal and environmental issues impacting it.

Lecture Archive: Brian Fagan

The Big Fish Come to Land: An Archaeologist Explores the History of Fishing

Lecture date: January 31, 2018. Brian Fagan details the million year-old history of fishing, including how fishing contributed to the first settlement of the Americas.

Lecture Archive: Haben Girma

People with Disabilities Drive Innovation

Lecture date: January 28, 2018. Haben Girma discusses how organizations that prioritize accessibility benefit by gaining access to a much larger user base, improving the experience for both disabled and non-disabled users and facilitating further innovation.

Lecture Archive: J.D. Talasek

Integrating Art and Science: Shifting Perspectives to Inspire Change

Lecture date: January 18, 2018. J.D. Talasek provides an overview of some of the activities occurring in the office of Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences that explore the integration of art, science, and other creative inquiries.

Lecture Archive: Dr. Thomas White

An Ethicist’s View of Climate Change

Lecture date: January 16, 2018. Dr. Thomas White discusses the ethical implications of climate change.

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