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Lecture Archive: Panel on Aquaculture

Will Farmed Fish Save Our Oceans, Delight Our Palates, and Provide Healthy Food for All?

Lecture date: May 25, 2017. Peter Kareiva and Jerry Schubel moderate a panel discussion on the subject of aquaculture, or farmed seafood.
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Lecture Archive: Daniel Goldman

The Physics of Mudskippers and Other Land Locomotors

Lecture date: May 17, 2017. Daniel Goldman discusses the findings of his study investigating how aquatic animals transitioned to dry land millions of years ago.
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Lecture Archive: Robert Pomeroy

Might As Well Go Surfing: Biomass Utilization in a World with Oil at $50 a Barrel

Lecture date: May 2, 2017. Robert Pomeroy discusses the ongoing research and outreach in algae biofuels and introduces our pivot to biopolymers.
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Lecture Archive: Tara Sayuri Whitty

Tiny Porpoise, Big Mess: Perspectives on Vaquita Conservation

Lecture date: April 18, 2017. What happens when the conservation of a charismatic animal has negative impacts on human well-being? Researcher Tara Sayuri Whitty discusses this dilemma through the lens of the vaquita, the most endangered marine mammal in the world, and the gillnet ban established by the Mexican government to protect it.
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Lecture Archive: SoCal Oysters Project

Planning and Incentivizing Native Olympia Oyster Restoration in Southern California

Lecture date: March 16, 2017. Learn about the SoCal Oysters project at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. Students running this project discuss the feasibility of restoring Southern California coasts through oyster farming.
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Lecture Archive: Christine Whitcraft

Wetlands in a Time of Change

Lecture date: March 22, 2017. Christine Whitcraft discusses how human activities, including development and climate change, impact salt marshes and how we can successfully protect and restore these valuable ecosystems in the future.
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Lecture Archive: Andrew Pershing

Climate Change and Ecosystems of the Gulf of Maine: What Does the Future Hold?

Lecture date: March 15, 2017. Andrew Pershing discusses his research, which focuses on the causes and consequences of changing conditions in the Gulf of Maine.
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Lecture Archive: Patrick Smith

Sad Serendipity: Shipwrecks On and Around the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Lecture date: March 9, 2017. Captain Patrick Smith returns to share stories of cargo ships, ferry boats, passenger liners, and ex-Civil War military vessels that all met their end in the picturesque but sometimes violent waters around the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
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Lecture Archive: Kera Mathes

Wild Orcas: A Summer in the San Juan Islands

Lecture date: March 2, 2107. Kera Mathes shares her photographs and experiences from the summer of 2016 studying orcas in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest.
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Lecture Archive: Jonathan Rose

The Well-Tempered City

Lecture date: February 24, 2017. Jonathan Rose discussed his book, The Well-Tempered City: What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations, and Human Nature Teach Us About the Future of Urban Life, in which he identifies five key characteristics that are necessary for cities to thrive: coherence, circularity, resilience, community, and compassion.

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