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Lecture Archive: Kim Steinhardt and Gary Griggs

The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California’s Coast

Lecture date: November 30, 2017. Kim Steinhardt and Gary Griggs discuss their book, The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California’s Coast. The book examines the California coast’s past, present, and probable future in a time of climate change and expanding human activity.

Lecture Archive: Judith Kildow

The New Blue Economy: A Revolution in our Relationship with the Oceans

Lecture date: November 14, 2017. Dr. Judith Kildow discusses the development of a “Blue Economy” movement to change how we treat and think about our oceans.

Lecture Archive: Nancy Knowlton

From Doom and Gloom to #OceanOptimism: Success Stories in Marine Conservation

Lecture date: November 9, 2017. Nancy Knowlton discusses the Ocean Optimism initiative, whose goal is to recognize, learn from, replicate, and celebrate our successes.

Lecture Archive: Chris Lowe

Beach Babies: White Shark Nurseries of the Northeast Pacific

Lecture date: November 2, 2017. Chris Lowe, professor of marine biology and director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach, discusses what researchers think makes for a good white shark nursery and predictions of where the next ones might develop.

Lecture Archive: Sergio Gamberini

Nemo's Garden

Lecture date: October 26, 2017. Sergio Gamberini, owner of SCUBA gear company Ocean Reef Group, has developed Nemo’s Garden, a method for growing plants underwater in a biosphere.

Lecture Archive: Elizabeth Keenan

Tools for Tackling Issues in Conservation: Lessons from Social Science

Lecture date: October 24, 2017. Elizabeth Keenan discusses novel tools to improve our ability to tackle some of our most pressing environmental issues, including how to foster and motivate environmentally friendly choices and communicate concerns about climate change to general audiences.

Lecture Archive: Murray Fisher

Billion Oyster Project

Lecture date: October 19, 2017. Murray Fisher discusses the Billion Oyster Project and its goal to restore one billion live oysters to New York Harbor by 2035 and to engage the community in that effort.

Lecture Archive: Rebecca Tarvin

Why Don’t Frogs Poison Themselves?

Lecture date: October 12, 2017. Rebecca Tarvin discusses how animals like poison dart frogs evolve genetic resistance to toxins and how this can affect whether they become toxic.

Lecture Archive: David Osborne

The Coming: Native-White Relations in the American West

Lecture date: June 19, 2017. Debut novelist David Osborne discusses and sign copies of his book, "The Coming", a fictionalized account of the life of Daytime Smoke, the real-life son of explorer William Clark and a Nez Perce woman.

Lecture Archive: Mark Martinez

The Water-Energy Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for California

Lecture date: April 27, 2017. Mark Martinez of Southern California Edison discusses the water-energy nexus, a key topic of conversation, policy, and legislation across all levels of government and industry.

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