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Lecture Archive: Gail Wight

Swimming in the Age of Fishes: Art, Imagination, and the Unknowable

Lecture date: October 12, 2016. Artist Gail Wight discussed how topics in biology—like deep time, species diversity, extinction, and the forces of weather on habitat—drive her studio practice.
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Lecture Archive: Helen Scales

The Story of Seahorses: From Myth to Reality

Lecture date: October 5, 2016. Marine biologist Dr. Helen Scales discussed seahorse behavior and biology and how seahorses are endangered by modern threats rooted in humans' ancient beliefs.

Lecture Archive: Charles Wurster

DDT Wars: The 1972 DDT Ban and its Benefits

Lecture date: September 27, 2016. Charles Wurster discussed his book, DDT Wars, and the inside story it tells of the decade-long scientific, legal, and strategic campaign that culminated in the national ban of the insecticide DDT in 1972.

Lecture Archive: Patrick Krug

Hugs and Drugs from Sea Slugs

Lecture date: August 30, 2016. Patrick Krug discussed ecological reasons for sea slugs’ beautiful coloration, their role in drug discovery and biomedical research, and their dramatic and intriguing mating behaviors.
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Lecture Archive: Mike Bartick

Into the Black

Lecture date: August 18, 2016. Mike Bartick discussed diving at night and photographing nocturnal marine life.
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Lecture Archive: Andrew Nosal

Local Legends: Movement Biology of the Leopard Shark off La Jolla, California

Lecture date: August 9, 2016. Andrew Nosal discussed leopard sharks that gather in shallow water off La Jolla Shores Beach in Southern California every summer.
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Lecture Archive: Josefin Stiller

Taming Dragons: Unexpected Insights into the Biology, Behavior, and Diversity of Seadragons

Lecture date: July 19, 2016. Josefin Stiller discussed new insights into seadragon biology gained from field observations in Australia and from novel genetic techniques in the lab. Stiller and her advisors serendipitously discovered the ruby seadragon in 2015.
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Lecture Archive: Ocean Desalination Reconsidered

Panel Discussion

Lecture date: July 12, 2016. A panel of experts discussed the pros and cons of ocean desalination as a source of fresh drinking water in Southern California.
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Lecture Archive: Joel Van Eenennaam

California Caviar: The History of White Sturgeon Aquaculture

Lecture date: July 7, 2016. Joel Van Eenennaam discussed the history of white sturgeon aquaculture, the reproductive biology of this species, and hatchery techniques for wild stock enhancement and commercial aquaculture.
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Lecture Archive: Scott Noakes

Georgia’s Atlantic Gray Whales

Lecture date: June 29, 2016. Scott Noakes discussed the discovery of two Pleistocene gray whales offshore of Georgia and what it might mean for our knowledge about Atlantic gray whales.

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