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Lecture Archive: John Gillis

The Future of America’s Vulnerable Coasts

Lecture date: June 25, 2015. John Gillis discussed how shores have become among the most vulnerable of all landscapes. He also offered methods to improve humans’ relationship with the shore, preserving nature and sustaining coastal cities.
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Lecture Archive: Dan Cayan

Sea Level Rise

Lecture date: June 24, 2015. Scientist Dan Cayan discussed sea level rise and its projected impacts between now and the year 2100.
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Lecture Archive: Bill Patzert

California's Drought: Are We In or Out?

Lecture date: April 21, 2015. Climate scientist Bill Patzert discussed California's drought and explained how the drought developed, its ties to ocean phenomena, and how people can deal with the impacts of future droughts.
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Lecture Archive: Beth Bahner

Extinct in the Wild: Partnering to Save the Guam Kingfisher

Lecture date: June 17, 2015. Beth Bahner, animal collections manager at the Philadelphia Zoo, discussed the Guam Bird Rescue Project and recent efforts to develop a plan to return the Guam Kingfisher to the wild.
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Lecture Archive: Ocean and Space Exploration

Planetary Oceans: Exploring Earth’s Seas Before We Sail Through Europa’s Seawater Plumes

Lecture date: June 8, 2015. On World Ocean Day the Aquarium hosted a panel discussion of ocean exploration as it relates to space exploration.
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Lecture Archive: Kevin Lee

Natural History of Sea Slugs

Lecture date: June 3, 2015. SCUBA diver and underwater photographer Kevin Lee shared his images of opisthobranchs, or sea slugs, and explained anatomic and behavioral characteristics of these ocean animals.
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Lecture Archive: Chris Lowe

Using Robots and Drones to Track Sharks

Lecture date: May 27, 2015. Dr. Chris Lowe runs the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach. He discussed how scientists can use high-tech tools like robots and aerial drones to track and study sharks in the open ocean.
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Lecture Archive: Perry Hampton

Reproduction at the Aquarium: The Husbandry Department Tells All

Lecture date: May 12, 2015. Aquarium Vice President of Husbandry Perry Hampton discussed animal reproduction at the Aquarium. Many species are propagated at the Aquarium, from sea jellies and fish to marine mammals and birds.
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Lecture Archive: David “Mas” Masumoto

The Future of Food: The Farmer as Artist

Lecture date: May 7, 2015. This talk was part of an ongoing series called The Future of Food hosted by Los Angeles Times Food Columnist Russ Parsons. He talks with farmer and author David “Mas” Masumoto about organic farming, his philosophy, and the organic trend in the U.S.
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Lecture Archive: Mel Nutter

Saving California’s Coast (One Local Coastal Program at a Time)

Lecture date: April 30, 2015. Mel Nutter, a former chair of the California Coastal Commission, discussed how cities and counties work with the Coastal Commission to prepare Local Coastal Programs designed to protect California’s coast.

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