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Lecture Archive: Eric Zahn

Restoration Efforts at the Los Cerritos Wetlands

Lecture date: June 6, 2013. Eric Zahn discussed the Los Cerritos Wetlands Conceptual Restoration Plan.
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Lecture Archive: Chris Lowe

The Recovery of Apex Marine Predator Populations

Lecture date: May 14, 2013. Rapid coastal development, water and air pollution, overfishing, bycatch, and habitat loss have all contributed to declines in shark populations. Chris Lowe, of California State University, Long Beach's Shark Lab, discussed federal and state agencies and regulations and how they have helped sharks recover.
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Lecture Archive: Leslie Harris

Hitchhiking Aliens: Unexpected Consequences of the Japan Tsunami

Lecture date: May 7, 2013. After the earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan in 2010, ocean currents and wind brought debris across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Learn about the non-native plant and animal species attached to the debris that hitched a ride to our shores in this lecture by Leslie Harris.
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Lecture Archive: William Sargent

Beach Wars

Lecture date: April 2, 2013. William Sargent revealed compelling stories from his book Beach Wars.
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Lecture Archive: Jeanine Jones

Colorado River: Lifeblood of the Southwest

Lecture date: March 20, 2013. Jeanine Jones discussed the Colorado River basin's complex legal and institutional framework, together with efforts under way to mitigate the impacts of shortages, including innovative binational partnerships.
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Lecture Archive: Richard Theiss & Victor Douieb

Sharks: The Beauty of the Ocean Predator

Lecture date: March 5, 2013. Underwater cinematographer Richard Theiss and sculptor Victor Douieb discussed their personal experiences with sharks, shark conservation, and their work documenting sharks.
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Lecture Archive: David Helvarg

The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea

Lecture date: February 28, 2013. Author David Helvarg shared the history, culture, and changing nature of California’s coasts and ocean.
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Lecture Archive: Joel Primack & Nancy Ellen Abrams

The New Universe and the Human Future

Lecture date: February 21, 2013. Philosopher Nancy Ellen Abrams and physics professor Joel Primack discussed a new vision of the universe based on dark matter, dark energy, and cosmic evolution set forth in their book, The New Universe and the Human Future: How a Shared Cosmology Could Transform the World
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Lecture Archive: Charles Yarish

Nutrient Bioextraction and Seaweed Aquaculture

Lecture date: February 7, 2013. Charles Yarish discussed the bioextraction of inorganic nutrients from coastal waters using native seaweeds.
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Lecture Archive: Aaron Quintanar

The Fall of the Sea of Cortez

Lecture date: January 29, 2013. Aaron Quintanar discussed the history of environmental impacts and lost conservation opportunities in Baja California and the Sea of Cortez from 1994 to 2008.

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