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Lecture Archive: Larry Mayer

Ocean Mapping: Exposing the Secrets of the Deep

Lecture date: August 29, 2013. Larry Mayer discusses advances in using sonar to map the seafloor and the water column.
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Lecture Archive: Jim Hellemn

Portrait of a Coral Reef

Lecture date: April 23, 2013. Jim Hellemn's photography has appeared in National Geographic magazine and at the American Museum of Natural History.
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Lecture Archive: Jesus Reyes

Environmental Impacts from an ‘Ocean’ of Humans

Lecture date: July 25, 2013. Jesus Reyes discusses pressures on California’s coastal aquatic environments derived from highly developed urban and residential zones and their diverse, extensive activities.
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Lecture Archive: Nicholas Fisher

Impacts of Radioactivity on Marine Life After Fukushima

Lecture date: June 19, 2013. Nicholas Fisher discusses the release of long-lived radionuclides from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan into the Pacific and the subsequent bioaccumulation of these contaminants in diverse marine biota.
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Lecture Archive: Napoleon Chagnon

Noble Savages

Lecture date: April 8, 2013. Anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon discusses his recently published memoir, Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes—The Yanomamö and the Anthropologists.
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Lecture Archive: Richard Theiss & Victor Douieb

Sharks: The Beauty of the Ocean Predator

Lecture date: March 7, 2013. Underwater cinematographer Richard Theiss and sculptor Victor Douieb discussed their personal experiences with sharks, shark conservation, and their work documenting sharks.
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Lecture Archive: Dawn Wright

Creatures of the Deep and Treasure Maps of the Ocean Floor

Lecture date: July 16, 2013. New sophisticated technologies developed in the last ten to twenty years hold tremendous potential for mapping and interpreting the ocean in unprecedented detail. This talk focused on recent technical advances in mapping the deepest parts of our planet.
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Lecture Archive: Don Walsh

Looking Backwards at the Future: Exploring the Deepest Oceans

Lecture date: July 9, 2013. Don Walsh spoke about his many experiences in exploring the deep ocean.
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Lecture Archive: Asila Ghoul

Exploring the Sensory Biology of Sea Otters Through Cooperative Research

Lecture date: June 25, 2013. Asila Ghoul discussed a recent study of the sensory systems of sea otters and how these amphibious animals are adapted for an aquatic lifestyle.
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Lecture Archive: Richard Ellis

Gladiator of the Sea

Lecture date: June 13, 2013. Richard Ellis discussed the broadbill swordfish, whose scientific name Xiphias gladius means “gladiator.”

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