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The Report of Ocean Exploration 2020: A National Forum

Report Cover

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Aquarium of the Pacific co-authored a report detailing priorities for ocean exploration in the United States. The report was drafted during the first-ever gathering of modern-day ocean explorers held at the Aquarium in July 2013 and organized by NOAA and Aquarium officials. More than 100 explorers, scientists, government officials, industry leaders, and other stakeholders engaged in a lively discussion of exploration priorities, innovative new technologies, how best to share data, partnerships and funding, platforms from which to explore, citizen exploration, and public engagement.

The report details priorities for a national exploration program; expedition partnerships linking public agencies, private sector organizations, and academic institutions; exploration platforms, including ships, submersibles, and other assets; technology development; citizen science efforts; data sharing; and public engagement. The forum’s sponsoring partners included NOAA, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration, the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, Google, Inc., and Felix Williams and Susan Slavik Williams.

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