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TODAY'S HOURS: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Webcam: Honda Blue Cavern

Modeled after Blue Cavern Point, a kelp forest along the northeastern coast of Santa Catalina Island.

This exhibit represents the underwater habitat you would find along our coast and around local islands.

Kelp forests provide shelter, food, and breeding grounds for many species, including other algae, marine mammals, fish, birds, invertebrates, and plankton. Some animals to look out for are leopard sharks, California moray eels, California sheephead, giant sea bass, and our divers!

For a schedule of today’s dive presentations, please consult our Show Schedule. Check out our other webcams.

The Blue Cavern Cam is courtesy of, the philanthropic media organization and division of the Annenberg Foundation. See more live cams at

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