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“The Pipsqueak” - Paddles is a female chick that hatched June 11, 2014 to parents Patsy and Noodles.

Paddles penguin portrait

Paddles got her name from a combination of her parents’ names: Patsy and Noodles. Her name was selected from amongst those suggested by donors to the Aquarium’s Adopt an Animal program. Her nickname paddles was too irresistible to not keep! Her keepers call her cute and petite, describing her habit of taking the smallest steps to waddle around. She doesn’t mind a cuddle here and there from her human friends. She also loves to beg for fish. You can usually spot her because she is braying with her mouth open all day long, her keepers say.

Hometown Long Beach, CA
ID Tag orange/white/red
Nametag white and black