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“The Troublemaker” - Mattson the penguin likes to pull on various penguins and keepers with his beak.

Mattson penguin portrait

Mattson is a male penguin. His parents are Patsy and Noodles, and he hatched on June 12, 2014, a day after his sister Paddles. Shim and Whatever raised him since day one, when he was “pipping” or hatching from the egg. He was named by Aquarium donors Henry and Paulette Matson, and his favorite pastime is slapping things with his flipper. Paulette selected the name Mattson to honor her husband’s college nickname, Matt. You can usually find him next to Paddles, because they are inseparable, even though they were raised with different parents.

Hometown Long Beach, CA
ID Tag orange/white/gray
Nametag white and black