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“The Princess” - Independent and confident, Jayde hatched on May 31, 2014.

Jayde penguin portrait

Jayde is Kate and Avery’s first chick. Out of the chicks that hatched in 2014, she was the first, and it shows! The first time that she entered the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, she was zooming around and porpoising. Her keepers say when she was a little over a month old Jayde would get into everything in her nursery and even fell in her baby pool and started preening herself right away! (The penguin keepers note that preening was a very good sign, showing the young penguin was comfortable in water.) Jayde was named by Aquarium donor and volunteer Jayde Nicole. Jayde the penguin has bonded with Skipper so far, but she is only a few months old!

Hometown Long Beach, CA
ID Tag orange/white/blue
Nametag white and black