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The Ocean Needs Your Help

Help Protect the Ocean and its Inhabitants

Remember that no matter where you live, the ocean touches your life every day. It gives you food, water, commerce, and recreation. It even provides some of the medicines that heal us and the air we breathe.

The most powerful component in ocean conservation is you! From everyday lifestyle changes such as ditching the plastic water bottles for reusable ones to volunteering here at the Aquarium, your actions and your voice have the most powerful impact on the health of our oceans. Take a moment to explore the sites below so you can make informed decisions that will impact our oceans for generations to come.

Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific - Water conservation is critical to the health of our oceans. Polluted runoff and diversion of water resources for consumption by humans and agriculture has wreaked havoc on both coastal and inland ecosystems. Learn more about the state our fragile watersheds and what you can do for water conservation here.

Come work with us! - There a plenty of exciting volunteer opportunities here at the Aquarium where you can share your passion for the Pacific Ocean and its inhabitants to increase awareness of ocean conservation issues. Learn more about our exciting volunteer, internship, employment, and membership opportunities by visiting their pages.

The Aquarium and the Community - Don’t have time to be a full-fledged Aquarium Volunteer? No problem. You can still do your part for ocean conservation by joining the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Community for beach clean-ups, guest speakers, special events, and more. Find out more about our exciting community events here.