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High School

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers several opportunities for students that are enrolled in high school.

All of our programs allow students to volunteer and earn service hours, gain experience, and meet new friends.

High School

Young male volunteer smiling with a microphone

Education Volunteer

Accepting Applications

We are looking for outgoing, smiling, talkative, ocean lovers who are excited to share their knowledge with the Aquarium guests

Students pose on doc with manatee signs

Student Eco-Ambassadors (S.E.A) Program

Travel with us from the Aquarium of the Pacific to the coast of Costa Rica

Students gather around a conference table with computers and notebooks

Teen Science Cafe Volunteer

Students and scientists work alongside one another to create conversations about science and help scientists to develop language and communication skills to speak to the next generation. These volunteers will help organize opportunities to have scientists connect with other students in the community and expose them to the sciences, and it also increases scientist’s exposure to a younger audience.

Volunteens interpreting at Moon Jelly Touch Lab


A special opportunity for high school students between the ages of 14-16 to get their hands wet and earn hours.