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High School Volunteering

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers several opportunities for students that are enrolled in high school or are exiting middle school. All of our programs allow students to volunteer and earn service hours, gain experience, and meet new friends.

Youth between the ages of 14 and 16 are eligible to participate in a highly structured eighty-hour program. Those who are selected after a competitive application process receive special instruction on many aspects of marine life and the Pacific Ocean; in turn, they share this information with guests at interactive stations in each gallery.

Student Eco-Ambassadors (S.E.A.) Program
Travel with us from the Aquarium of the Pacific to the rainforests of Ecuador

Teen Science Café Volunteer
Help develop and facilitate a talk and hands on activity with scientists. The talks are designed to help scientists connect with local teens about the science and technology changing their world and discover new opportunities for ocean stewardship

High School Internships
Gain work experience as a Service Excellence and Leadership Intern or become a Senior Project Intern and complete field work.

Adult Volunteer Programs
Eligibility for our adult volunteer programs starts at age 16. If you are interested in gaining the highest level of training and volunteer commitment, this program is for you! Visit our adult volunteer page for more information and descriptions of the positions available.