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Volunteer at the Aquarium

Dive Into Volunteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium Volunteers

If you love the Pacific Ocean, if you are passionate about marine animals, if you are driven to give back to your community, why not consider becoming a volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific?

As a non-profit organization, the Aquarium of the Pacific relies heavily on our volunteer staff. In fact, we simply could not provide all of the programming, services, and experiences that we offer without the help of a dedicated and active volunteer staff.

Volunteering is FUN! Volunteering is EXCITING! Volunteering can be LIFE CHANGING!

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s volunteer staff is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly groups of people anywhere. To ensure this high level of quality, all volunteer applicants must complete a volunteer application, submit to a background check, pass an interview process, and complete an orientation and training program.

There are TONS of perks for our volunteers, too! Not only do you get to help the Aquarium of the Pacific fulfill its mission of instilling a sense of wonder, respect, and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants, and ecosystems, but also:

  • You get to partake in our all staff parties and events
  • You will receive discounts on gift store, food, membership, and ticket purchases
  • You are awarded complimentary tickets every quarter
  • And you get to be a part of a WORLD CLASS AQUARIUM!

Applications will be closed for all programs from November 15th, 2017 through Jan 1st, 2018.

We have several different volunteer opportunities available: