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Aquarium Webcam Resource Kits

Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), these inquiry-based kits encourage students to make observations using the Aquarium’s live streaming animal webcams.

The Webcam Resource Kits include lesson plans, short educational videos, worksheets, and web-based activities and resources for K-8th grade students.

Aquarium Webcam Resource Kits

Collage of ocean habitats

Ocean Habitats

Explore different types of ocean habitats while making observations and learning what makes kelp forests and coral reefs special and different.

Educator on a beach next to an image of a shark

Fish for a Day

In this kit, students focus on the special adaptations of fish and discover how they swim, breath, and protect themselves in the ocean.

Two educators holding a shark stuffed animal

Sensational Sharks

Learn how these amazing animals use their senses, teeth, and other adaptations to survive during our Sensational Sharks video and activities


Amazing Adaptations

Compare and contrast animal adaptations to understand how animals protect themselves, find food, and survive in different habitats.

Sea jelly

Ocean Drifters

Learn about plankton, a diverse community of drifting organisms which supports the foundation of cold water food webs.

Think like a scientist

Think Like a Scientist

How do scientists make discoveries? In this webcam kit, students are encouraged to think like scientists, by making observations, asking questions, and making predictions.


Kelp Forest Habitat

Explore live webcams to learn about kelp forests and the unique adaptations used by animals that call this place home.


Kelp Forest Conservation

Students will learn about the delicate balance between the producers, consumers, and the keystone species of the kelp forest food web.